Fundraisers in Walla Walla - Information

Brushes 'n Brix fundraisers are fun.  We will be glad you assist you in a fundraiser event.

Events will be held at the Brushes 'n Brix studio.   Brushes 'n Brix will provide the canvas, paints, brushes, aprons, and instruction on a painting of your choice for the event.   Brushes 'n Brix will set up 1 hour prior to event and clean up the mess afterwards.  Participants leave happy and with their own personal created painting.   We will, of course, take photos also at event.

All painting participants are $40.00 each (plus tax) for fundraisers, payable prior to event so that supplies can be purchased.   We will, however, plan for a few extra walk-ins and have extra supplies.


Brushes 'n Brix requires 60% of funds collected by you for the fundraiser prior to the event unless set up to be paid for online. Any extra funds collected for last minute participants must be paid to Brushes 'n Brix the day of the event, prior to event starting. Brushes 'n Brix will send you 40% of the funds collected online for fundraiser within 5 business days.

Number of participants in fundraiser event is a minimum 10 painters, maximum 50 painters.  All painters must all paint the same painting unless an "open paint" session as been selected (no specific painting instruction).   If beverages or food items are required they must be ordered and paid for prior to event.  Food and beverage items will be charged to fundraiser participants "at cost" to Brushes 'n Brix.   Brushes 'n Brix will be glad to arrange food/beverage if paid for in advance and set up with painting supplies prior to event.

Fundraiser events will be subject to Brushes 'n Brix availability, so please book early to assure that your desired date is saved for your special event.