Brushes 'n Brix   May, June and July Calendars are up and running!!!  Make sure you REFRESH the calendar.  

BRUSHES 'N BRIX  celebrated 4year anniversary April 4th 

My phone will take voice messages if there is anybody that wants to book a painting or private session for fall. You can also send me a message through email at, or through Facebook.  Do not txt that phone (working on fixing that).

Brushes 'n Brix has not raised it's prices for 4 years.   After April 4th, the price will reflect the rising costs of supplies.   Please be aware that the price starting April 5th will be $35 plus tax ($38.04).  

I require a deposit for 2 people to book and hold your spot on the calendar and at least10 painters for a private party. 

Don't be offended if I card you - I card EVERYBODY that comes to my studio.

Also, please don't bring outside alcohol unless it is wine and then there is a corking fee of $7.00, it's the LAW.

If you plan to pay cash at the door, don't forget about TAX (yes, the government wants their hand in the pot) - One painter - $38.04 with TAX - Two painters - $76.09 with TAX

Out of studio events must be signed up for BEFORE the event so I know how many supplies to bring for each painter.  If no one signs up I do not want to pack up supplies and go stand there hoping someone will show up to paint.   It is time consuming to bring my studio to you, so please sign up ahead of time so we all know how many are coming to paint and we can plan accordingly.


Thank you - Watch for new announcements - see you soon, come paint - have FUN!